50 years on: Galtung and Ruge's news value factors revisited in online audience building for independent films

Nico Meissner


In 1965, Galtung and Ruge published an influential list of news values. Fifty years later, my article takes this list to demonstrate how mass media principles still apply when building audiences for an independent film in the Internet age. The article builds on the constructivist approach that news values can be actively formulated and stressed. It uses the case study of independent film project 15Malaysia, illustrating how this project, though unknowingly, actively created news value to convince opinion leaders of its worth and, ultimately, build an audience of over two million viewers.


Audience Building; Independent Film; News Value; Opinion Leader; Galtung; Ruge

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5210/fm.v20i3.5850

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