A balancing act: The ideal and the realistic in developing Dryad’s preservation policy

Sara Mannheimer, Ayoung Yoon, Jane Greenberg, Elena Feinstein, Ryan Scherle


Data preservation has gained momentum and visibility in connection with the growth in digital data and data sharing policies. The Dryad Repository, a curated general–purpose repository for preserving and sharing the data underlying scientific publications, has taken steps to develop a preservation policy to ensure the long–term persistence of this archived data. In 2013, a Preservation Working Group, consisting of Dryad staff and national and international experts in data management and preservation, was convened to guide the development of a preservation policy. This paper describes the policy development process, outcomes, and lessons learned in the process. To meet Dryad’s specific needs, Dryad’s preservation policy negotiates between the ideal and the realistic, including complying with broader governing policies, matching current practices, and working within system constraints.


Dryad Repository; data preservation; digital preservation; preservation policy

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5210/fm.v19i8.5415

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