Toward Consistent Terminology in a Behaviorist Approach to Cultural Analysis

Sigrid S. Glenn, Maria E. Malott, Maria Amalia Pia Abib Andery, Marcelo Benvenuti, Ramona A. Houmanfar, Ingunn Sandaker, João Claudio Todorov, Emmanuel Zagury Tourinho, Laercia Abreu Vasconcelos


This article represents an attempt to reach consensus on terms frequently used by its authors, who share an interest in extending a behaviorist worldview to cultural phenomena. Definitions of metacontingency, macrobehavior, macrocontingency, culturo-behavioral lineage, and cultural cusp were agreed on and are reported in this paper. In addition, the paper presents additional points its authors discussed in arriving at the definitions provided. It is expected that this terminology will continue to be refined with further study and applications. 


metacontingency; macrobehavior; macrocontingency; cultural cusp; cultural-behavioral lineage; cultural transmission

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