Sustainability in the Field: Lake Tahoe Hospitality and Environmental Protection

Emily Michelle Leeming, David Hansen, Mark Alavosius, Daniel Reimer


The Embassy Suites Lake Tahoe, a Hilton Corporation hotel located in South Lake Tahoe, California, is working to become an environmentally responsible lodging business. This case study describes what the site has done to improve their environmentally relevant practices. The installation of technology, implementation of behavior-based programs to encourage guests and employees to engage in conservation practices, and their work to influence local individuals and businesses to adopt similar initiatives is described. The results indicate that these investments have had a positive impact on business operations evidenced by reduced costs (e.g. a 1.1 million dollar cost savings over 3 years). Additional benefits in reducing environmental externalities are noted. This paper articulates some challenges and opportunities for behavior analysts as more businesses adopt similar programs.


sustainability, cultural change, leadership, environment

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Published by the University of Illinois at Chicago Library

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