A Behavior-Analytic View of Sexuality, Transsexuality, Homosexuality, and Heterosexuality

Richard W. Malott


This article presents a behavior-analytic view suggesting that biological factors, whether genetic or otherwise, have little to do with our preference for same-gender or opposite-gender sexual stimulation. This view stresses the importance of behavioral history and current behavioral contingencies in understanding the causes of an individual’ s behavior and values. This view states that genetic and other biological factors are crucial in determining the behavioral processes that interact with our behavioral history and current behavioral contingencies; however biological factors have little direct effect on differences among human beings in their behavior and values. In addition, this behavior-analytic view suggests that the particular forms of behavior are arbitrary; whatever the human behavior with which we are concerned, the contingencies of reinforcement and punishment determine its particular forms.


behavior analysis, sex, transsexual, homosexual, heterosexual

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5210/bsi.v6i2.288

Published by the University of Illinois at Chicago Library

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