From Shy Lamb to Roaring Lion: An Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Case Study

Amy R Murrell, Leslie J Rogers, Laura Johnson


The U.S. is becoming more culturally diverse. In order for clinicians to provide appropriate treatments for minority clients—especially immigrants—case conceptualization and treatment must both be adapted. Clinical behavior analysis, in-cluding Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), allows for individualized assessment and treatment in such cases. ACT’s focus on defusion and valuing fit parti-cularly well into issues of cross-culture problems. Thus, a case study of ACT conducted with an Asian-Indian immigrant to the U.S. is presented. Specific adaptations of clinical work are discussed, along with treatment process and outcome results. Results indicate that ACT was useful. The need for replication and controlled studies is discussed.


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, cultural diversity

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