The Relation between Psychological Flexibility and Mental Health Stigma in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: A Preliminary Process Investigation

Akihiko Masuda, Steven C Hayes, Jason Lillis, Kara Bunting, Scott A Herbst, Lindsay B Fletcher


The present study examined the relation between changes in psychological flexibility and changes in mental health stigma in the context of a 2.5-hour long Acceptance and Commitment Therapy group workshop for reducing mental health stigma. Of 27 college undergraduates who attended the workshop, 22 completed one-month follow-up assessment. Results revealed that mental health stigma was reduced significantly at post-treatment, and these reductions were maintained at one-month follow-up. Increased psychological flexibility from pre to follow-up was significantly correlated with the reduction in mental health stigma from pre to follow-up. Limitations of the current study and directions for future research are discussed.


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Psychological Flexibility, Mental Health Stigma, Stigma

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