The Dandelion Community

Richard Graham


Dandelion is a community of people living together, sharing all of our resources, caring for each other, and working to create a cooperative, nonviolent, egalitarian and joyful way of life.

Inspired by B.F. Skinner's utopian novel, Walden Two, we believe that problems of injustice, exploitation, and aggression are largely the result of social and environmental conditions, not an unchangeable "human nature". We believe that people can change in positive ways and that we can shape our environment and our behavior so that people can be happy. 

We are 16 people (open to new members) living on a 50 acre farm in southeastern Ontario, near Kingston. We support ourselves by making and selling hand woven rope hammocks and recycling tin cans into candle holders, lampshades, and planters.  Dandelion has been in existence since 1974.

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