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This month: November 2017
Breaking news: How push notifications alter the fourth estate
Changes in news reporting and dissemination, including new technologies, have greatly reshaped information environments within American democracy. This paper explores a comparison between representations of two historically parallel breaking news stories, U.S. President Nixon firing special prosecutor Archibald Cox in 1973 and President Trump firing FBI Director James Comey in 2017, through computational textual analysis. While headlines and push notifications vary significantly by news providers, push notifications are similar across platforms in distinguishing characteristics such as emotionally loaded and subjective language. Both of these are defining elements of deceptive news and may account for some media distrust.
Also this month
How geopolitical conflict shapes the mass-produced online map
Cartographers have always grappled with the question of how to depict spaces of conflict where place names or boundaries are disputed. This paper examines how these conflicts are represented in mass-produced online maps, focusing on both commercial maps produced by tech giants such as Google, and crowdsourced efforts such as OpenStreetMap. Producers of these maps occasionally publish policies on conflict resolution, emphasizing the mapping of ground truth and conformance to internationally recognized specifications. In practice, the makers of these maps violate their own appeals to neutrality and ground truth. Some commercial maps appear in any number of versions to satisfy disputing parties while crowdsourced maps undergo in some cases “rogue customizations” for varying time periods.



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